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Monday, May 7, 2012

Last Friday night's realizations

After our ASAP Chillout interview with Megan Young.
L-R: CGE Jocks Edu, Jessica, Anna, and Chacha
For some reason, the universe and the little demons that inhabit it never fail to conspire against me having an evenly spaced out week of events. The days that I have my 6AM-6PM taping for CGE TV In Da Loop are the same days my friends decide to invite me to a night out, and it's always all the way in Taguig or Makati, no less.

Before I go any further, let me just share a fairly recent observation of mine about this damned weekly exodus to these two far away places: Most of the people who go to Makati and The Fort area live no where near there. I'm gonna go against my grammatical by-laws by saying I am literally at a loss as to why everyone absolutely insists on journeying all the way to Makati or The Fort area, when it'd be more convenient to go some place nearer to where everyone lives. Most of the people I know and most of the people they know live in Quezon City, Marikina, San Juan or Pasig, and yet, come the weekend, this entire populace will end up braving traffic and gas prices just to end up in the "happening" places in Makati and Taguig. Not being a hater! I do love my nights out over there, but I sometimes wonder why there aren't any more convenient "places to be".

During taping last Friday, we had YouTube sensation Petra Mahalimuyak as a guest in one of our episodes. We've partied together once before, during her birthday at 7th High (which is in Bonifacio High Street), so she was sweet enough to invite me to meet up with her at Scarlet Lounge in, you guessed it, The Fort. Which I actually found coincidental since Jeremy (I wrote about him in my last entry here.) invited me to Jill's in... the same damn area. I swear, we all need to expand our horizons.

Right after taping, I went home to shower, primp, don an outfit with equal parts provocative and conservative, and have the usual "I need this to stave off the night's alcohol" dinner. First stop at around 10:30pm was Jill's, which was an okay place. They were playing hits from the 80s and early 90s, which I actually really enjoyed since I grew up listening to my parents' music, so I knew all the songs pretty much by heart. As I sat there talking to (more like yelling at) Jeremy, I watched the people on the dance floor: mostly men and women in their late 30s and early 40s, living it up on a Friday night. Watching them dance made me realize just how different my generation's dancing is.

Ever since hiphop and RnB started dominating just about every music platform, all girls ever do now on dance floors is thrust ass, rock hips, get low (dirty-dancing girl friend optional), and maybe make the slutty mistake of letting a guy grind on her. Well, if you think about it, how else would anyone dance to songs that are mostly about sex, money, and random mentions of long designer brands just for the sake of filling in a few more beats? Dance, dubstep and house music are steadily starting to dominate as well. To these, people mostly just jump around, fist pump, air tap, and dramatically close their eyes and sway as the chorus comes on. Lucky you if the track has vocals you can sing to. Although even without the vocals, a lot of people will insist on singing the melody of the chorus with "Tenenen-teneneneeeen tenenen! Tenenenenen tenetenenen!" Fascinating, really.

And let's not forget about "Teach Me How To Dougie". No, scratch that. LET'S FORGET ABOUT IT. PLEASE. It's become one of the most overplayed songs ever. Even worse than "Like a G6", because ya'll react to it like it's the friggin' YMCA or Achy Breaky Heart of our generation. Which, by the way, is a depressing thing to let come true. We're nearly halfway through 2012, people, and ya'll still wanna learn how to Dougie. Get over it. Speaking of YMCA though, I absolutely hate it when a club's DJ puts YMCA on. Everyone starts doing the YMCA steps, then the drunk ones manage to hit random people around them, and I just pretty much scowl at the tackiness of everything.

This might just replace all my other Friday night haunts.
Good crowd, good drinks, good music!
Next stop at around 11:30 PM was Scarlet Lounge to meet up with Petra Mahalimuyak (Real name: Ashley Rivera), but since the pictures from the club's photographers aren't all up yet, I'll reserve my ramblings about whatever craziness (I'm pretty crazy, but there are crazier people in these places) went down in that big, red room for another entry. But to end this, I basically woke up last Saturday morning with a realization that partying really is one of the more extravagant activities a person can end up doing on a weekly basis. I know because I spend my own money on whatever nights I go out on. It's not the best way to meet people and build your social networks because really, what kind of relationship can you establish in a loud, dark room where everyone's inebriated? And it's not the healthiest lifestyle either. More on that next time though. Congratulations on surviving my rambling! Ciao!


  1. my version of YMCA dilemma is when you hear that song of The Killers Mr. Brightside mixed with Lil Jon's voice... you know home is calling.

    partying at the most 'happening', places to be in, the fort is becoming a cliche.

    where the stars go, the crowd follows..

    i don't know how people categorize 'gimikans'
    maybe because its a new place,'uso', the 'it' crowd goes there, your favorite artista was seen there, tons of photos of you will be seen and tagged at FB, 'better' crowd ideology, aesthetics, or the idea that less jejemons/jologs/masa/squatter will get in.. i might be wrong with it all.

    well at the end of a party night, or day if you're hardcore like that, just as long as you and your friends are finally safe at home and satisfied with the quality and quantity of booze and company you had then its all good.

    anyways, forgive my blah blah, a great post ms.anna! :)

  2. yeah! I couldn't agree more! First of all, people should stop going to High Street just for a day, seriously. Second, people should stop learning how to dougie. haha.

    1. Diba?! For one thing, everything is expensive in Boni High! Second, there really is not much to do there. -___-

    2. agree!

      you will just tire your feet out and probably just have little fun.