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Friday, May 11, 2012

Thanks for the good vibes! #1

(This is gonna be a series of blog posts! Every week, I'm going to compile a list of things that made me happy, and hopefully some of the good vibes I got would rub off on you guys. Here goes the first entry in this series, and in no particular order. Enjoy!)

1. Sbtrkt's "Hold On" - This has been on loop on my iTunes for three days now. I've always been a fan of all of Sbtrkt's music, but this track in particular from their self-titled album just soothes me on so many levels. I love the vocals, the arrangement - everything. Although I can't seem to understand the music video. A little help from you intelligent people would be great. ;)

SBTRKT - Hold On

2. Banana + Nutella = ASDLFKJASHDFJK. I've been on a calorie-reduced diet since March. Yes, it's torturous discipline and sacrifice, but I always make room for a small treat everyday just to reward myself. 1 tbsp of Nutella is 100 calories, and a medium-sized (approx. 7 in long) banana is 95-100 calories. If Zac Efron had a flavor, I imagine it'd be this. Warning: If you don't have self-control, do not attempt to prepare this snack. NUTELLA WILL BE THE END OF YOU.

3. PicMix for Blackberry. I've always been a frustrated Instagram user. I mean, I love my BlackBerry, but I hate how all the fun photo apps are tailored for Apple or Android. Molome doesn't have the collage templates, and even though PicStory had those templates, it doesn't have the cool photo filters. PicMix has everything! Yay for an Instagram-like app for BlackBerry users! Go get it from App World for free!

4. Street food merienda with the family! We live just about 10 minutes away from UP Diliman, my mom's alma mater. On random, fair weather and lazy afternoons, my parents would take me and my sister to one of the street food stalls by Vinzon's Hall for a round or two of kwek-kwek, fish balls, kikiam, and pancit canton. We'd take our food, cross the street to the UP Sunken Garden and just hang out on the benches while watching soccer and frisbee teams practice. The mangtataho and dirty icecream man would always come around our spot in time for dessert. Total diet sabotage, but I love quality time with my family.

Fishballs and kwek-kwek for me!
My favorite sauce combo is maanghang + vinegar!
My dirty dessert! I really wanted taho that afternoon,
but oh well, there was no mangtataho nearby :(
5. My unbelievably sweet parents. I had another agonizingly long taping day for CGE TV In Da Loop the other day. Our usual call time is 6am, and it's only 12-13 hours later that we hear the director say "That's a wrap!" By the time I got home, I was wiped out and had a migraine. My mom, knowing I wasn't well, fixed me a comfort snack. My dad brought it up to my room. It was a mug of warm milk and a star-shaped butter cookie. When I opened the door, he said, "A star for the CGE Star." I'm not exaggerating when I say I cried from the sweetness. Then again, it could've just as well been from exhaustion, but the point is, I feel so blessed to have such loving parents.

So much love :)
I'll stop at just five GV sources this week. I just wanted to make a quick blog update before I turned in for the night. Something semi-crucial is happening tomorrow afternoon. I've got an audition! If all goes well, and the universe decides to back me up on this, I'll get a call-back and I can release a hint as to what I'm trying to get myself neck-deep in to. Adieu!


  1. Gosh! I love how your parents are so uber sweet. :)
    God bless on your audition. :)

    1. Super diba? Thank you so much! :)

  2. I'm loving all your blog posts!:)
    Good luck on your audition, Anna! Break a leg!!:) <3


  3. Sbtrkt's "Hold On"
    the guy is rushing back home to catch the girl before she leaves him, but he is a minute late. He tries to chase her, but now he appears to be stuck in a limbo, a hell like loop of 'dilemma' and before it starts all over again sees the image of the girl leaving him. a love lost death trap :)

    streetfood >>>>

  4. I freaking love nutella. okay its a little bit of an obsession but still lol
    Great blog btw!